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11-Year Old With a Heart of Gold Wants to Help Others

Maddee's Wings is a Missouri non-profit corporation started by Madeline McAuliffe (age 11) for the charitable and educational purposes of encouraging young people to reach out and help one another through friendship and community in order to reduce the incidences of bullying and suicide in our communities and educating young people about emotions and emotional health and well-being. 

Buddy Benches

Maddee's Wings has its first project, Buddy Benches, which are special benches that are placed in and around schools. If a child is lonely, feeling bullied or otherwise is having a bad day, the child can go and sit on the buddy bench. When the other students see the child on the bench, they are to come and sit and talk with the student (and contact school personnel if warranted). The Buddy Bench is really a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship and community on the playground and throughout the school.  

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